Arts & Crafts Books at the Library

February 22, 2016

Arts & Crafts Books at the Library

To celebrate our annual Yarn and Craft Book Sale, we have put together a list of books that can help you take your hobbies to the next level!  The following books can be borrowed from the Roslindale Library.


Simple Crocheting: A Complete How-to-crochet Workshop With 20 Projects
By Erika Knight
Never held a crochet hook before? Knight teaches you stitches, techniques and tricks, and each project builds on techniques learned in the proceeding projects. From simple mittens and scarves to a laptop case, you’ll find something here to challenge your creativity!

Sock Yarn Studio: Hats, Garments, and Other Projects Designed for Sock Yarn
By Carol Sulcoski
Presents twenty-seven knitting projects that use sock yarn, from hats and mittens to scarves, sweaters, and wraps, focusing on how the lightweight sock yarn is a benefit to the particular knitting patterns.

Mini Skein Knits: 25 Knitting Patterns Using Small Skeins and Leftovers
Mini skeins are the hottest new trend in the fiber world and this collection of 25 knitting patterns will give you plenty of ideas on how to creatively use these tiny collectible skeins. Create 25 beautiful patterns that range from a woman’s striped crewneck pullover and cardigan to a slouchy beanie and a trio of matching winter accessories to a hanging kitchen towel and coffee cup cozy. This is also the perfect pattern collection for using up leftover yarn. Mixing and matching mini skeins with yarn leftovers will make a colorful and budget-savvy new project.

Vintage Crafts: 75 Do-it-yourself Decorating Projects Using Candles, Colors, and Other Flea Market Finds
By Clara Lidstrom
Vintage flair isn’t just classy and cute; it’s fun to create and perfect for any budget! So let your creativity run wild on trips to the flea market, and don’t back down from that deal at the yard sale. With Vintage Crafts, use paper scraps, teacups, and a splash of paint to decorate your house room by room.

Knit Noro Accessories: 30 Colorful Little Knits
Using only the finest natural materials and ecologically sound manufacturing processes, Japanese designer Eisaku Noro has been producing some of the most extraordinary and popular yarns in the world for over 30 years. Hand colored in vivid combinations of painterly hues, Noro yarns are as striking to behold as they are easy to work with. This follow-up to Knit Noro features 32 small projects knitters can complete in a weekend, including Leg Warmers, Cabled Mittens, a Lace Flap Hat, and even an iPad cover.

The Everthing Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online: How to Sell on Etsy, Ebay, your storefront, and Everywhere Else Online
By Kim Solga
Here’s all you need to realize your dreams of turning your handiwork into cash–online! With the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, serious art and craft buyers and sellers are turning to the online world to buy, sell, and promote beautiful, homemade creations…but where to start? This A-Z guide provides expert advice on building an online presence and getting your creations into the hands of buyers.

The Art of Jewelry: Polymer Clay: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration
By Katherine Duncan-Aimone

Available in a myriad of colors and sheens, polymer clay can be cut, shaped, sculpted, and altered in many ways. For that reason, it’s a wonderful medium for making jewelry. Today’s leading artists show you how to push the envelope of this malleable material with an array of gorgeous brooches, pendants, pins, bracelets, and earrings. Using a variety of surface techniques will inform you and inspire you to create your own distinctive designs. Book jacket.

Teen/Young Adult

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts
Organized by topic, this comprehensive resource contains projects, templates, and detailed instructions for more than 30 craft techniques such as beading, jewelry making, paper cutting, and silkscreening. Instructions for each technique are followed with how-to projects.

The Kids’ Multicultural Craft Book: 35 Crafts From Around The World
By Roberta Gould
Provides instructions for creating 35 handicraft projects inspired by past and present cultures from around the world. Includes background information on the various crafts.

Washi Wonderful: Creative Projects & Ideas for Paper Tape
By Jenny Doh
Washi–the colorful, patterned, and often translucent paper tape that comes on a roll–has become a huge hit with crafters of all kinds.  Join the growing trend and get creative with this stunning collection of more than 50 projects. Jenny Doh, craft author extraordinaire, presents clever ideas for customizing everything from packages to home décor items, and creating quick, charming gifts.

Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects
By Sophie Maletsky
Sticky Fingers is a vibrant, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to creating amazing projects with the hottest crafting material on the market today: duct tape! The book includes tons of photographs alongside directions designed to make creating a wallet and making a bag even easier, while also providing a steady stream of ideas for personalizing and embellishing your duct tape creations. Each project includes icons showing difficulty level and project time, as well as helpful hints, such as how to keep your scissors clean and what to do with end pieces. So grab a roll of duct tape, pick a project, and get started!

Fingernail Art
By Thiranut Boonyadhistarn
A craft book providing do-it-yourself information and instructions on how to decorate and embellish finger and toenails.


Crafts to Make in the Spring
By Kathy Ross
Presents twenty-nine easy-to-make craft projects with springtime themes, including cotton swab pussy willows, a robin redbreast door hanging, and an Easter bunny egg holder.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts fo Kids: 175 Projecs for Kids of All Ages to Create, Build, Design, Explore, and Share
A guide for crafty kids and their parents mixes a family friendly design with a treasure trove of creative and educational projects that parents and their kids, aged three to twelve, can create together.

Hispanic-American Crafts Kids Can Do!
By Fay Robinson
Explore the beauty of Hispanic-American culture with these fun crafts. Taken from traditional Aztec, Incan, Mayan, and Mexican art these projects combine fabulous colors and rich design with tons of fun. You can make pottery, piñatas, maracas, and more while learning about Hispanic-American culture with these easy crafts.

Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day
By Kathy Ross
Presents twenty simple craft projects including a shamrock bird, a leprechaun face mask, a shillelagh, and other items featuring various symbols of the popular Irish holiday.

Green Crafts for Children: 35 Step-by-step Projects Using Natural, Recycled, and Found Materials
By Emma Hardy
What better way to encourage children to be creative than with fun ideas for traditional crafts using natural, recycled, and found materials? “Green Crafts for Children” by Emma Hardy has four chapters, each focusing on a different organic craft.

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