2018: A Year in Books

November 28, 2018

book sale 32018: The Year in Books

Did you miss any of our book lists from this year? Check out all of them in one place to catch up! They are grouped for adults, teenagers/young adults, and children, and can be borrowed from the Roslindale Library!

Books about 1968
1968 was a significant year both in politics and culture, and there will be many commemorative events happening this year to highlight their 50th anniversaries.  Here is a list of books about these events or culturally significant books published in 1968.

Jump Start The New Year!
The new year is a good time to reset and do something new and different.  Here is a list of books that can help you with your resolutions.

Books about Black History
February is Black History Month.  This is a booklist featuring books by prominent black authors and/or books about the African-American experience.

Books Turned Into Movies
Some of the best movies lately are book adaptations.  Here is a list of books turned movies.

Books about Women’s History
March is Women’s History Month.  This is a booklist featuring books by prominent female authors and/or books about the experiences of women.

Books about Arts and Crafts
In honor of the Yarn and Craft Book Sale, here is a booklist about your favorite handicrafts.

Books about the Immigrant Experience
Here is a list of books either by noted immigrant authors and/or books about the immigrant experience in the United States.

Books about Poetry
April is National Poetry Month.  Here is a list of books by our favorite poets.

Books about Mother’s Day
Here is a list of books dedicated to all of our fabulous moms!

Books about Asian-Pacific American Heritage
May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.  The following booklist features books either by prominent Asian authors and/or about the Asian-American experience.

Books about Father’s Day
Here is a list of books dedicated to all of our great dads!

Books about LGBT Pride
June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.  The following booklist features books either written by prominent LGBT authors and/or about the LGBT experience.

Books about American History
Brush up on your knowledge of American history and impress your friends and family at the barbeque this week with our booklist!

Mystery and Suspense Books
The hot weather is a great time to get into a good mystery book! Here is a booklist of the best in mystery, suspense and thrillers.

Books about Summer
If you are looking for a book to take on vacation, the beach or anywhere else the summer, borrow one of these books before you go.  All of them have a summer theme!

Books about Baseball
Read about America’s favorite pastime with this list of baseball related books.

Books about Hispanic Heritage
Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15.  Here is a list of books either written by prominent Hispanic authors and/or about the Hispanic American experience.  There are also Spanish versions for most of these books as well.

Banned Books Week 2018
The American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) promotes awareness of challenges to library materials and celebrates freedom of speech during Banned Books Week, which takes place this year September 23 – 29.  Here are the top ten most challenged books as reported in the media and submitted to ALA by librarians and teachers across the country in 2017.

Books about Gothic Horror
Check out our updated list of books featuring the best in gothic horror, as well as Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Books about Travel Writing
Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t take a mental vacation.  Here is a list of the best in travel writing.

Books about Native American Heritage
November is Native American Heritage Month.  Check out this list of books either by prominent Native American authors and/or about the Native American experience.

Books about Holiday Cooking
It’s that time of the year again for holiday parties and dinners.  We created this booklist to support your cooking needs this holiday season.


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